Familiarity with Doraj Kavir complex

Manufacturer and gardener of organic pistachios

DORAJ KAVIR Agriculture Holding Group is a pioneer producer of organic pistachio in Iran. The under cultivation area of pistachio orchards exceeds 1500 acres which has famed the group as one of the leading successful producers of pistachio in Iran,  using state-of-the-art knowledge and technology according to the international standards and recruitment of qualified staff.


DORAJ KAVIR is potentially capable to supply its product to the international markets. The whole area under cultivation of DORAJ KAVIR pistachio orchards are producing crops under organic agriculture crop standards, in the other words, neither pesticide or chemical fertilizer is being deployed within the entire crop production, inspecting by the authorized organizations.

The group has also been granted the correspondent certificate from BIO INSPECTA Switzerland for doing best endeavors on such initiations.