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Doraj Holding Company

Leading in the development of the economy

Doraj Holding Company has been active in various industrial and agricultural fields for many years, and has attracted and attracted capital to each of these vital economic sectors in the rotation of capital and profits.

Consultation, Needs Assessment, Preparation, Presentation, Operation

Doraj Kavir Holding, with its experiences over the years, can provide a consultant as a consultant to other colleagues and fellows to provide the necessary materials and services through the examination and needs assessment of various projects. at last but not least, helping others achieve the goals they set for success.


The company started its activities in the desert and places with shrubs and grass fields from the 1980s with the aim of creating a new and beautiful service in the field of green gold (pistachios). It has become a place for entrepreneurship and valorization, making it to a beautiful Persian.


With the goal of succeeding and progressing continuously and pursuing state-of-the-nation goals, dragging all its efforts to achieve it, and in this way, the others also help them and give them their experiences. Improving horticultural and agricultural practices is directly related to the economy and the progress of society. Activities in the construction sector, along with the agricultural infrastructure, can be combined with the industry and technology of the day.


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Keeping the Doraj Holding with sufficient capital to carry out construction projects in this area. Performing small and large construction projects with good quality of performance, as well as observing the professional and safety points leading to the study, investment, design and implementation of residential, commercial and office buildings built by Engineers and Supervisors of the Doraj Kavir Holding.

Taking technology alongside beauty

Using the world’s best materials and observing the aesthetic points and using the new technology has led to the construction of houses made by the Doraj Kavir Holding and available to owners and investors.

Optimal use of Space

The land in the big cities has a lot of value and is limited, but the correct design can eliminate these restrictions and make optimal use of space. Designing outer spaces of buildings is one of the most important steps in maintaining the Doraj Kavir Holding.


Architects and interior design engineers collaborate with the Doraj Kavir Holding to use modern devices in order to use aesthetic factors in addition to their proper function.

Offices & Commercial Places

In addition to residential complexes in the field of administrative and commercial buildings, the Doraj Holding e has also been active. By keeping an eye on the strategic location of the business and the customer’s feedback, it maintains business and office complexes in different locations.

Horticulture and agriculture

The first and most specialized part of Doraj holding is gardening and farming. This economic branch of the Doraj holding is considered industrially, with the advent of day technology and global knowledge, which has been widely accepted and contributed to the general advancement of Doraj and its becoming an economic and investment complex.
Pistachio gardens in Kerman province, in the center of Iran, are the main assets of the gardening and farming sector of the desert drainage..


Export is the most important economic sector in the horticulture and agriculture sector of Doraj Kavir. Exports of products such as pistachios have made significant gains and profits to different countries in the world.

Fertilizer and Growth Supplement

Growth supplements and chemical fertilizers are important products that are offered by the Department of Horticulture and Agriculture of Doraj Holding.

Knowledge of the Day

The use of world-class machinery and technology as well as the use of new knowledge in agriculture has led to the development of the agricultural and horticultural sector in Doraj Kavir Holding.

The vastitude of the Gardens

The vastitude of gardens and fields cultivated in Doraj Kavir Holding has led to a significant increase in the productivity and profitability of this complex.

Supply of garden products - fresh and processed

The Department of Supplying Horticultural Products and Agriculture in Doraj Kavir is aiming to directly and uninterruptedly market its products directly and for the benefit of its customers and audiences. In this regard, the presentation of the products and manufacturers of this collection will take place in the stores and exhibitions of the group.

Product processing

To satisfy the audience, processed pistachios are also available in raw, roasted, salted or tasteless roses.

Package and gifts

Many of the products of Doraj Kavir are packed ready to be sent to destinations inside and outside the country to make them happy or happy as gifts or souvenirs.

raw Pistachios

Raw products such as raw pistachios are one of the most popular products in this group

Other products

A wide variety of nuts with different flavors and different preparation methods are ready to be presented to customers to satisfy every taste.


After reaching the initial successes and outpacing the goals set forth in its short-term prospects, Doraj Kavir, decided to become an investment group in order to operate in various economic, commercial and industrial spheres, and backing For expert forces and scientific groups, they will implement and exploit new ideas by providing their initial financial capital.

Chemical fertilizers

Of the major investments in Doraj Holdings, supply and production of chemical fertilizers is expected to be the best. Doraj Kavir in this area has begun extensive activities and has progressed with speed.


One of the most important parts of the holding is the export and import department. In the export sector, a variety of agricultural and garden products are sent to global target markets. In the import sector, the scientific needs and products needed in the country are provided.


Representative of the Best

Doraj representative of the top companies in different branches of industry and agriculture

The Doraj Group has been working with leading and well-known companies in various branches to take advantage of the technology of the day. With the possibility of attracting the attention and confidence of the world’s leading brands, Doraj Holding has been able to bring new technologies and bring its useful and efficient products to the country to provide to the owners of the industry and services.

whast is Holding?

Employing native forces

Continuous profitability

Holding company

A holding company is a company that owns other companies’ outstanding stock. The term usually refers to a company that does not produce goods or services itself; rather, its purpose is to own shares of other companies to form a corporate group. Holding companies allow the reduction of risk for the owners and can allow the ownership and control of a number of different companies..

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